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This time I'll update the link Emulator Xbox emulator for PC that This is the original file in the emulator nyasudah there are various needs such as emulators Bios and other files that this time I will share XBOX 360 emulator for PC. That is genuine I've Include file then the serial number and etc..
Emulator serves to run Xbox games on your computer for a computer that has Internet Requirements System can use software Xbox 360 Emulator. To play Xbox 360 Game on PC, you have to meet the system requirements of Xbox 360 Emulator. Xbox 360 Emulator have same functions as PS2/PS3 have. Once you meet the system requirements you'll be able to play Xbox 360 Game on PC. Follow the below steps to install Xbox 360 on your PC.

System Requirements

  • Processor : Core 2 Due Core 2 Quad i3 i5 i7 AMD Phenom II Pentium 4
  • Video Card : Nvidia or Radeon 256 MB
  • Memory : 1 GB or higher
  • Operating System: Windows XP ,Vista , Seven
  • HDD: 2,3 GB
  • DirectX : 9 or higher

How to Install XBox 360 Emulator for PC:

  • Download the entire file first
  • Then save the file one folder
  • Then Extract the downloaded file before 
  • For those who have not installed Netframework please Microsoft Net Framework 4.0
  • Then when it's too Netframework installed his work 
  • Then open the Xbox Emulator
  • Further Input serial number: 31978597569771327
  • The next stage Click For bios (select bios available)
  • and click on the ISO file browser if you have Xbox Games ISO format
  • The last step click Start game

Required Softwares:

  • Microsoft Netframework 3.0
  • Microsoft Netframework 3.0 SP 1
  • Microsoft Netframework 4.0

Now the last step, choose the download link you want from the below list. Keep in mind that with Xbox 360 Bios, you'll not be able to run Xbox 360 on PC. 

Xbox 360 Emulator 3.2.4 for PC Sofware - 
File Size : 18.6 MB


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