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Saturday, 2 June 2018

9 reasons you might experience stalled weight loss.

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Hey friends! 👋🏼 Here are 9 reasons you might experience stalled weight loss. Which are your biggest problems? .
Really, if that’s your goal, on the surface, the process should be quite simple. Unfortunately today we are saddled with stress, sleep debt, and a food supply that often seems intent on working against us.
The simple graphic to highlight some of the less obvious ways you may be holding on to extra lbs.
Perhaps the most effective way to lose weight is to *not* go on a diet but to shift your lifestyle toward healthier habits. Yes, cutting out starchy carbs and processed foods which drive your hunger is a great primary strategy. But lifestyle also plays a major role in how our hormones regulate our weight.
While any calorie deficit will lead to weight loss, lowering carbs keeps your hunger more stable by allowing your blood sugar to stay consistent. And, it allows you to enjoy higher levels of growth hormone which helps to preserve your muscle.
Increasing your protein not only indices greater satiety than fat and carbs but it stimulates muscle protein synthesis and also provides a greater thermic effect which causes your metabolism to ramp up (this may provide low carb, higher protein diets with a slight “metabolic advantage” over lower protein moderate carb diets, but this is controversial).
And finally adding healthy fats to your diet is great for satiety and filling out your calories, but the calories in fat can still add up leading to a hypercaloric (more calories than you are burning though) state!
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