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Friday, 18 May 2018

Megan Absten : "I thought I would use it to share..

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Megan Absten : "I thought I would use it to share..
 It took me an entire year to learn how to tie my shoes one-handed.
I remember being 14 yrs old, fresh out of the hospital, sitting in my first outpatient occupational therapy session and being SO frustrated. I was mad that I had to sit and relearn a myriad of simple tasks like tying my shoes, and getting increasingly frustrated at how difficult it was proving to be. The one handed bow was different, I didn't like the way it looked, there was a single "bunny ear" and my OT encouraged me to use a "tool" to help, (essentially it looked like a sewing needle with a loop on the end, shoved into the handle of a potato peeler) 😐
I didn't want to have to carry around a tool, and I didn't want elastic laces. I just wanted to be able to tie my shoes again like I had always done. 
I didn't go back to OT after that day. The idea of someone with zero one-armed life experience teaching me how to navigate the world one-handed just didn't sit right with me. 
I was determined to tie my shoes the "normal" way, and now I do! & on a good day just as fast as I did with two lol. (Thinking about posting a tutorial/vid??) Anyway my point is that it didn't happen over night!!! It took me an ENTIRE YEAR. 
That's a whole year of asking for help, avoiding tennis shoes, and squeezing my feet into shoes that were already laced tight because I refused to untie my laces. 
Now I tie my shoes without having to think about it, and I only remember that it's different when someone catches me doing it and are like "wait... whaaaaaat 😮" patience is a practice, consider it an exercise for your mind, if every time you want to give up, you train yourself to feed your mind with one encouraging thought, it will literally change the way your brain functions, and soon enough, you won't have the doubt. ...All of my fellow amputees know that losing a limb just leads to increased levels of patience and expedites the process because the laces don't tie themselves!!"
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